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If you have a pile of home movies in tape format and want to get them converted to DVD, we can help you out with the best prices in town.

Please call Ron Little for more information. (850) 484-9814

Our prices are based on how long your movies are. A two hour movie will fit on one DVD. If your tape was two hours long it would cost $15. That would be $5 for the capture (the VHS) and $10 for the finished DVD, a very competitive price. If you have a lot of tapes and they are not two hours long we will capture all the tapes (each tape is $5) and combine them on DVD’s at 2 hour intervals, saves you lots of money.

Example:   Tape 1 is 15 min

        Tape 2 is 30 min

        Tape 3 is 20 min

        Tape 4 is 50 min

A total of 115 minutes of tape = 1 - 2 hour DVD

the price would be (4 x 5= $20) for the tapes and $10 for 1 DVD - a total of $30.


We can edit your footage into a polished product. Professional editing with color correction, transitions, titles is $50 an hour.

I look forward to working with you on your project.

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